Madeira Island Food Guide

Madeira is one of my favorite places to visit nowadays. The Island is widely known for its wonderful beaches and natural pools, but one more charm it has is the high level of gastronomy. One of the characteristics of Madeiran cuisine is that it has a great variety on the menu.  From meat cuts as … Read more

Portuguese Pasteis de nata (Custard mini Tarts)

Portuguese pasteis de nata is the most known Portuguese dessert and for a good reason. They are delicious mini tart filled with velvety custard. You can’t say that you visited Portugal, especially Lisbon, if you never ate a couple of “pasteis de nata” or “pasteis de Belém” with a cup of coffee. This dessert is … Read more

Portuguese Francesinha Sandwich: The Ultimate Portuguese Comfort Food

Portuguese francesinha sandwich

The Portuguese Francesinha sandwich comes from the northern part of Portugal, specifically the city of Porto. Don’t assume that francesinha is a simple and light sandwich you eat when you have a little void space in your tummy. This dish is HEAVY. I mean, eat it when you are starving and have plenty of room … Read more