Osaka Food Guide

Visiting the city of Osaka was a great adventure! I was fascinated by the bright posters, architecture, culture, and history.  On the other hand, I loved the food, and Osaka is known worldwide as the food capital of Japan. I had a list of dishes that I wanted to try. However, when I arrived, I … Read more

Madeira Island Food Guide

Madeira is one of my favorite places to visit nowadays. The Island is widely known for its wonderful beaches and natural pools, but one more charm it has is the high level of gastronomy. One of the characteristics of Madeiran cuisine is that it has a great variety on the menu.  From meat cuts as … Read more

16 Colombian Foods and Recipes

Colombia is one of the most culturally diverse Latin American countries. This level of diversity can be seen in people’s different accents, rituals, and of course, in the country’s delicious food.  Depending on the region of Colombia you visit, you can find very contrasting types of food. Colombian cuisine mixes Amazonian, Caribbean, African, and Arab … Read more

17 Costa Rican Foods and Recipes

Costa Rica is often picked as a travel destination due to its beautiful beaches and amazing natural landscapes. However, Costa Rican cuisine should not be underestimated, as the country offers some of the more interesting food recipes in the Central American region. This country’s cuisine is known for delivering delicious yet smooth-tasting dishes, often including … Read more

17 Ecuadorian Foods and Recipes

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, but the richness and diversity present in its cuisine are no short of impressive. The country’s food is the product of a delicious mixture of amazing recipes from Spanish, Amazonian, African, Lebanese, and even Chinese people. Undeniably lovers of red meat, stews, seafood, and fresh … Read more

19 Panamanian Foods and Recipes

Panama’s cuisine is the culmination of cooking traditions from people all over the world such as Spaniards, Africans, and Indians. Combined, these cultures give life to amazing dishes, full of vibrant spices, contrasting flavors, and interesting textures.  If you want to make a tour of Central America’s cuisine, then Panama is definitely a great way … Read more

10 Best Dishes to Order in India

Culturally speaking, India is one of the richest countries in the whole world. But besides all the visual pleasures and History trivia it can offer to tourists, a whole trip could (and should) be dedicated just to getting acquainted with the country’s amazing food scene.  This year I had the AMAZING opportunity of traveling to … Read more