101 Food Blogs to Follow and Get Inspired

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101 best food blogs to follow and get inspired

I have to confess that for many years I’ve been a loyal reader of many food blogs.

Not only because i can found countless recipes way better than my regular cooking book -Julia child forgive me- but because i can find people that is as in love with food and cooking as me.

It’s simply a wonderful way to connect and to get inspired for other food lovers.

As everything in life, you can get a food blog that responds to your needs and kitchen style. You can find the recipe for the perfect fried chicken or the most amazing vegan dessert. There is a room for every taste in this corner of the internet. For that reason i will enlist the best sources of inspiration on the web according to their main style.

Disclaimer: the list is not in any special order. Every blog mentioned has the quality to belong to this list. I will make a small summary on a few blogs in every category because if i make a deep review about each food blog this article would be endless

**Disclaimer: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Some of our links are affiliate links

Best Homemade Food Blogs

Everybody has that meal that takes us back home with only one bite. For me, it will always be my mother’s meat cannelloni. The secret of homemade food is the simplicity and freshness of the products. The majority of these bloggers work with seasonal products.

You can expect easy recipes that will leave a smile on your family and guests.

    1. The Pioneer Woman:
      The Pioneer Woman – Ree

      This blog describes the transition of a self-proclaimed city girl to a domestic country wife. You can find “cowboy- friendly” recipes that are so heart -and stomach- warming; from a Mini meatball casserole to a finger-licking Nutella Wontons.

    2. Brooklyn Homemaker:
      Brooklyn Homemaker – Chicken pot pie

      Tux has made a wonderful work bringing together this blog that has one of the most yummy chicken pot pies out there. Also, you can enjoy his personality while he explain step by step how to make a sweet potato gratin.

    3. Smitten Kitchen:
      Smitten Kitchen – Strawberry summer cake

      “The ultimate comfort food blog”, that is a good way to describe this blog. Sometimes the easiest recipes are those we need the most for a rainy day. Also, they have a section for every season and you can find a recipe that includes seasonal fruits like this strawberry summer cake.

    4. The Fauxmartha:
      The Fauxmartha – Mini chocolate wine cakes

      In this food blog every recipe comes with a story. You can fall in love with a Mini chocolate wine cake,  or enjoy the exhausting but rewarding motherhood with these mom lunches. It’s always more than cooking, it’s storytelling.

Other amazing blogs (and a signature recipe) that will get you inspired to cook delicious meals for your family:

    1. The Brick KitchenDark Chocolate and Rye Halva cookies
    2. Taste Better From Scratch – Pesto Tortellini
    3. Husband that cookZucchini and brown rice gratin
    4. Kitchen Confidante –  Banana Pineapple cake
    5. Cooking classy Italian wedding soup
    6. Completely DeliciousHash brown and ham frittata
    7. Freutcake –  Creamy Baked Sausage Rigatoni
    8. Not without salt Arroz con pollo with chanterelles
    9. Simply Scratch Smokey chipotle black bean dip
    10. The vintage mixer Turkey chili with kale
    11. Eat the love Carrot honey cheesecake
    12. Sprouted kitchen Cauliflower + brown rice
    13. SkinnytasteApricot-rum glazed spiral ham
    14. Flourishing Food Avocado creamy pasta

Best Latin Food Blogs

As a latina -Venezuelan- I’m always looking for inspiration in new dishes that feel like home and that bring alive the tasteful world of the latin cuisine. Every country has their own specialties. Perú and their ceviches, México and their worldwide famous quesadillas and Venezuela and its arepas. We are a food lover region with a vast usage of fresh and local ingredients. All the blogs that i mention on this list are a small – but incredibly valuable- representation of South American food.

    1. A cozy kitchen:
      A cozy kitchen – classed up double decker tacos

      Adrianna has made an incredible work joining her latin background -Peruvian mom and Colombian dad- in this food blog. Of course, every recipe has that modern twist that makes every meal special. You can find recipes like this classed-up double decker taco that will works wonders as an appetizer for your guesses.

    2. Muy bueno:
      Muy bueno – Guacamole al pastor

      Yvette is a true inspiration for the modern Latin-American woman. She honors the Mexican background inherited by her mexican abuela -grandmother. Her recipes are just so heart warming and tasty. From the classic guacamole al pastor to a delicious and sublime caldo de pollo (homemade chicken soup). Also, she has made an excellent work with the videos explaining step by step the preparation of the recipes.

    3. La cocina de Leslie:
      La cocina de Leslie – Mole de olla

      Mexican food is everywhere and with a good reason. Leslie brings classical and spicy Mexican food for every day. This bilingual blog surprised me in a good way. The first time I read the blog I almost could taste the authentic Mole de olla.

Other latin food blogs (and favorite recipes) to start a journey of flavour and spiciness:

    1. Hungry. Food. Love How to make sancocho in 1 hour
    2. Pati Jinich To die for ceviche
    3. Peru delights Tequeños mixtos (Venezuelan recipe with a brilliant twist)
    4. Sweet LifeGuava and pear infused vodka
    5. Simply by Clara Yuca al mojo de ajo

Best Healthy Food Blog

The most important thing in the kitchen and in life is balance. Sometimes we can create an unhealthy and dangerous relationship with food. Our body is a temple and the food is the fuel to keep our body moving, but eating junk food will always bring unwanted consequences (obesity, diabetes, heart problems, low self esteem, etc).

So, if you are seeking to start your personal journey to improve your health i suggest you to look one of these blogs for ideas for your meals.

    1. Recipe Diaries:
      Recipes diaries – One pot lemon garlic shrimp pasta

      Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that the food must be tasteless and boring. Jenna compiles a vast number of low carb -weight watcher- recipes that are easy and full of flavour, like this one pot lemon garlic shrimp pasta.

    2. Strength and sunshine:
      Strength and sunshine – Rebecca

      When you start your healthy journey, food is your fuel but exercising is your best ally. In this blog you will find gluten- free (allergy friendly) recipes that will keep variety on your meals. Also, the blog has plenty fitness articles that will help you with your goals.

    3. Sassy Kitchen:
      Sassy kitchen – Julia

      There is nothing more healing for your body than starting a diet based on seasonal products with the less possible amount of processing. But i  know that life can be messy and there is not much time to prepare complex meals everyday. So this blog has a variety of simple recipes that nourish your body and save a lot of time.

More healthy food blogs and recipes to reconnect your body with your soul:

    1. Food in jarsLow sugar pear cranberry jam
    2. Cindy’s recipes and writings –  Mini salmon cakes with anise aioli
    3. Little brokenChopped Greek salad with avocado
    4. Taste of Lizzy T Green pea soup with smoked salmon
    5. Gluten-free girl Grilled salmon and black bean taco salad
    6. Kalyn’s kitchen Easy cheesy zucchini bake
    7. Food heaven made easy  Sweet sesame tofu
    8. The first mess –  Antioxidant power muffins
    9. Fit foodie findsCoconut curry chicken
    10. Lexi’s clean kitchen Chicken Marsala
    11. The roasted rootThe ultimate detox salad
    12. Peanut butter fingersMorning glory muffins
    13. Pinch of yum Cauliflower Walnut Taco Meat

Best Photographic Food Blog

Surely you’ve heard the phrase “to eat with the eyes”. Now with Instagram that phrase has reached another level. If you are like me, and enjoy the artistic side of food photography, these blogs will be your holy grail. Not only the recipes are delicious but the way of plating the meals will definitely inspire you.

    1. I am a food blog:
      I am a food blog – Greek yogurt and pancake

      With this clever – and more than obvious- name, Steph and Mike built an amazing compilation of recipes well explained and with good graphic resources. Every recipe is beautifully shown through images. This blog is not only for food; they also documented their travels with guides and pictures of every place they go (like their Japan trip).

    2. Harvest and Honey:
      Harvest and honey – Laughs in wildflowers

      Every picture of this blog transmits the romanticism and simplistic beauty of the food itself. Lauren is a food stylish and professional photographer that makes a good job capturing the essence of the ingredients that she uses for cooking. You only have to see how she uses flowers to enhance her dishes to understand what I’m talking about.

    3. The year in food:
      The year in food – spring lentil + quinoa pilaf

      Seasonal products and healthy recipes through the lense of a professional photographer. You will enjoy recipes like a spring lentil + quinoa pilaf while you see every phase of the recipe in high quality pictures.

    4. Edible perspective:
      Edible perspective – Classic buttermilk doughnuts

      what started as a food blog quickly became a photography journey for Ashley. You can find the classic recipe for a doughnut in this blog, but the most important is that you will also find a section for photography 101. So if you want to start that path of a food stylist and food photographer, this blog will be a huge resource.

Other food blogs that will inspire you to portrait your food in a memorable way and that you will surely want to follow in Instagram:

    1. Let’s Taco Bout It Blog Sweet potato pancakes
    2. Adventures cooking Pumpkin mascarpones mini bundt cake with creme fraiche glaze
    3. Brooklyn Supper Brussels sprout and shiitake pot sticker
    4. Dishing up the dirtGreen garlic risotto  (@andreabemis)
    5. Two red bowlsLondon fog cupcake (@tworedbowls)
    6. The broken bread Double citrus cardamom loaf  (@thebrokenbread)
    7. The almond eater Sweet potato curry farro  (@thealmondeater)
    8. Katie Parla Lalek (charoset) for passover

Best Exotic/International Food Blog

Sometimes to travel we don’t need an airplane or a big budget. A simple dumpling can transfer my senses to China. If you love to meet other cultures and especially to eat food that has different ingredients than what we usually use, you must follow one of these blogs. So, let’s go travel from our kitchen:

    1. North wild kitchen:
      North wild kitchen – Ruhbard juniper pie

      This is a multicultural blog that relates the learning journey of an American woman in her new Norwegian homeplace. She embraces the Norwegian food with a new perspective. The compilation of recipes in this blog is amazing and you can make a full immersion on the Norwegian food with recipes like this rhubarb and juniper pie (Rabarbrapai med Einebær).

    2. Lady and pups:
      Lady and pups – Mandy

      Mandy is a Taiwan- born, Vancouver raised and currently living in -the always busy- Beijing. Her recipes combine the modern cucine with ancient oriental recipes. Also, her photos are stunning, you can follow her on Instagram (@ladyandpups).

    3. The spice spoon:
      The spice spoon – Rose ring cake

      This blog is created by Shayma. She is Pakistani-afghan with Persian linage. Her cultural baggage is translated to her recipes, such as this lovely rose ring cake.

Other inspirational exotic food blogs to experiment a different culture from your kitchen:

    1. The petite cook Sicilian cod meatballs (Italian)
    2. Eat in my kitchenArtichoke, ricotta and orange ravioli (Mediterranean)
    3. Vermilion rootsFive spice taro rice (Southeast Asia)
    4. The wok of life Eggplant string bean stir-fry (Chinese)
    5. Sophisticated gourmet Pakora (Indian)
    6. MarocmamaLamb and fig tagine (Marroco)
    7. Tara’s multicultural tableGoguma Latte (Asian, Mediterranean and American)
    8. Foodie Quine Spiced Cauliflower and Purple Potato Poutine (Scottish)
    9. Lavender and LovageMoelleux aux Groseilles (Redcurrant Cake) (French)
    10. The Wednesday chef Beth Hensperger’s Sweet Potato Muffins (Belgian)
    11. Chocolate and zucchini Chocolate buckwheat pound cake (French)

Best Paleo Food Blogs

A paleo diet (paleolithic diet) consists in an alimentary regime of non-processed food, which is inspired on the food available for humanity on the paleolithic era. It is mainly composed of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables,roots and nuts. It also excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugars and processed oils. If you are into this kind of diet, the following blogs will be a helpful resource for your meals:

    1. PaleOmg:
      PaleOmg – Slow cooker red wine braised short ribs

      This is an all-you-need-to-know-about-paleo blog. You can find easy everyday recipes, special occasion recipes, fitness advice and even fashion tips. This blog is an excellent start for the paleo diet lifestyle. You can start with an easy spicy kale and blood orange salad and evolve to a more complex slow cooker red wine braised short ribs. To be in a paleo diet doesn’t mean lack of variety.

    2. Tony fed:
      Tony Fed – Rosemary bacon

      This blog is specialized in easy recipes that everyone -even without kitchen training- could do at home while following a paleo diet. The premise “recipes so easy that even a caveman could make” is exactly what this blogs delivers. Recipes like a Rosemary bacon that can save your breakfast from boredom.

    3. The domestic man:
      The domestic man – potato pancakes

      This blog is based on homemade and classic recipes with tons of flavour. Also every meal is gluten-free and 100% paleo. You can find recipes as easy and healthy as these potato pancakes.

Best Vegetarian or Plant Base Food Blogs

A plant based diet is always a good start in case you desire to become vegetarian. Many people experience improvement in their health when they switch to a vegetarian diet. For many others, to use this kind of alimentary regime is a way to help the environment and to respect the animal lives. Whatever your motivation is to start this kind of diet, you can find inspiration for your daily meals in the following blogs:

    1. Dolly and Oatmeal:
      Dolly and oatmeal – black lentil and sweet potato + kale chili

      This plant based diet blog is an excellent point to start with healthy recipes that are allergy friendly (gluten and dairy free). You only need to try a recipe like this black lentil and sweet potato + kale chili to understand that eating plant based is not synonym of plain food.

    2. Green kitchen stories:
      The green kitchen book

      David and Louise are a sweet couple that found their path to a healthy lifestyle through a 100% vegetarian diet. Their recipes are easy and well explained. The majority of them contain instructional videos (all of them in their youtube channel)  that help a lot to recreate the recipes on the blog.

    3. Naturally Ella:
      Naturally ella – Vegetarian meal plan

      Erin is the clear example of the power of change in the relationship that we have with food. In this busy world, overly processed food is the easiest way to eat, but surely not the best. This blog answers the annoying question: “What’s for dinner?” with a healthy and easy answer. There are no excuses to eat junk food when you can find better options with just a click.

    4. Veggie desserts:
      Veggie desserts – Pumpkin cupcakes

      To be vegetarian is not a limitation to enjoy the sweet things of life. Kate makes an incredible work compiling desserts that are 100% vegan and delicious. You only have to try these pumpkin cupcakes to adore the rest of the recipes in this blog.

Other vegetarian or plant based food blogs to keep you in track with your body:

    1. Manjula’s kitchen Taco samosa
    2. Love and lemons Lemongrass banh spring rolls
    3. Amuse your boucheSpicy three bean soup
    4. A couple cooks Carrot salad with feta and pistachios
    5. Minimalist bakerGluten free banana bread
    6. My darling lemon thyme Spring salad bowl

Best Vegan Food Blog

If you want to take a step further from vegetarianism maybe you`ve considered to become vegan. What exactly does that mean? Veganism is a branch of vegetarianism when not only meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products are excluded.  But you also exclude any other product derived from animals. This includes even honey and eggs, for example. With this kind of diet it is important to consume nutritive food that can satisfy the daily calories needs. The key is in the variety of ingredients and the nutritional inputs. The following blogs are dedicated to help people to become full vegan without compromising their health.

    1. Sweet potato soul:
      Sweet potato soul

      You will find recipes for every day of the week that will keep you energized and will nourish your body. Also you will find ideas for special occasion vegan meals. From entrees to main dishes as this sweet potato noodles that are so yummy.

Other vegan food blogs that will help you to balance your meals and to keep you full of energy:

    1. Blissful basilPeanut butter and jelly cookies
    2. Running on real foodVegan broccoli salad with raisin
    3. Oh she glowsVegan cinnamon rolls
    4. Easy. Happy. LifeAloha salad with tiki tempeh
    5. Vegukate Coconut butter cups
    6. The tofu diaries Vegan chocolate torte with pecan crust

Best Baking Food Blogs

To finish this list with the cherry on top, I’ll talk exclusively about blogs that are full of guilty pleasure. If you want to treat yourself  – because you deserve it after a week of crossfit-, these blogs will give you countless ideas to satisfy any sweet craving:

    1. Hint of vanilla:
      Hint of vanilla – Rhubarb and orange cake

      With stunning photography Megan achieves the perfection in her cakes. Butter and sugar are always present in this blog. Just look at this colorful rhubarb and orange cake and become a fan of this baking blog.

    2. Call me cupcake:
      Call me cupcake – Linda

      This blog has everything I like: a minimalist design, stunning pictures and sweet recipes. You can find a wide variety of cupcakes -of course- and elaborated cakes. Linda (@linda_lomelino) knows exactly how to capture the beauty behind a baking process. This blog is graphic art for baking lovers.

    3. Patisserie makes perfect:
      Patisserie makes perfect – Easter eggs and chocolates

      This blog is the perfect example that it is better baking with your heart than with all the technique in the world. Angela started this blog to document her journey as a self-though cook. Taking this easter eggs and chocolates recipe you can say that she successfully achieved her goals in the kitchen. This is an honest blog about baking. The recipes are well explained, and after reading a few posts you will feel inspired to create delicious and sweet recipes by yourself.

Other baking blogs that deserve a look:

  1. BakerellaMini monsters cake
  2. Food Nouveau Strawberry and rhubarb crumble pie
  3. Joy the baker Baked Brown Butter and Pistachio Doughnuts
  4. CococakelandButtercream Flower Typography Cake
  5. The Baking Explorer Amarula, Chocolate and Caramel cake
  6. Top with cinnamon Double chocolate malt cake
  7. Baking queen 74 Blueberry swirl brioche bun
  8. Super golden bakes Eggless easy black forest layer cake
  9. CakeyboiHot Cross Tear and Share Bread
  10. Desserts with benefitsHealthy lemon snack cake

I really hope you follow at least a few of these blogs to learn new recipes and connect with other cookware geeks out there. If you know other food bloggers that are worth mentioning, please let me know on the comment section.

See you soon 🙂 !

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