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Puerto Rican Quesitos (Cream Cheese Pastries)

Flaky-on-the-outside and creamy-on-the-inside quesitos from Puerto Rico. These are one of the easiest desserts that you can make using puff pastry. Just 5 ingredients + 20 minutes! Quesitos in Spanish means “little cheese”. And this is exactly what this recipe is: little rolls of puff pastry filled with sweetened cream cheese. They are delicious with […]

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Chilean Pumpkin Sopaipillas With Honey

These authentic Chilean pumpkin sopaipillas with a drizzle of honey are an easy and delicious dessert or appetizer. Today I will teach you how to make them from scratch. Sopaipillas are basically a fried dough made with pumpkin puree that is traditional in Chile.  Sopaipillas are similar to buñuelos or gorditas so you can get […]

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Brazilian Carrot Rice

One of my favorites cheap take-out is peri peri chicken with carrot rice. This is one of the easiest ways to make plain white rice a bit more interesting and flavorful.  Here in Portugal, it’s common to find restaurants specialized in Brazilian style roasted chicken, and I love them. They are extremely cheap — a […]

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