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Honey and Walnuts Hot Oatmeal

A complete breakfast in a single mug. I love the simplicity of this honey and walnuts hot oatmeal. It’s perfect for a gloomy day because it gives you an instant boost of energy.     Hot oatmeal is a classic in my house since I can remember. Waking up with the smell of a big […]

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Super Easy Ricotta Pancakes

ricotta pancakes

A classic of the pancakes world. Ricotta pancakes are a recurrent dream for those who love a sweet breakfast. The best thing is that they are extra fluffy and really easy to make.     For me, these pancakes are a middle ground between a regular pancake and a cheesecake. They are super moist on […]

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Good Morning Mixed Berries Pancakes

Who doesn’t love to wake up smelling fresh berries and pancakes batter? Few things make me forget my usual morning grumpiness — my dear black coffee, you are one of those reasons. These mixed berries pancakes are a winner recipe for the Sunday brunches with your family. The pancakes are sweet and fluffy. The pieces […]

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The 5 Best Arepa Fillings

You can not talk about Venezuelan cooking without mentioning arepas. Every Venezuelan knows what it feels to wake up every morning with the smell of recently made arepas. This has to be the best feeling of the world. You can fill your arepa with infinite variety of food. The are lots of possibilities. I guess […]

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Healthy Egg Muffins with Spinach and Mushrooms

Yesterday was one of those day when all my diet and good healthy intentions disappeared in front of a pint of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00032HCA6″ locale=”US” tag=”cookwaregeek-20″]Häagen-Dazs[/easyazon_link] ice cream. Yes it was delicious, but as every food hangover I just wanted something extra healthy the next morning. You know, to compensate the disaster on my diet intentions. […]

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