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Spanish Café con Leche

For me, the pleasures in life are in the simplest things, and a cup of Spanish café con leche is just that. It is the most popular hot beverage in my house—in Venezuela. As you may know, Venezuela — and most South American countries — were colonized by Spanish people. Because of that, we have […]

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London Fog Drink (Earl Grey Latte)

Today I bring you the perfect copycat for the Starbucks’ London fog latte. It only takes 3 ingredients and no time. I’m a long time coffee lover, but tea has been my latest discovery and I’m obsessed with this warm beverage. In Venezuela, we aren’t used to drinking tea. For me, it has been a […]

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Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

What else can I add to “Peanut butter hot chocolate”? Two of my favorite guilty pleasures in one mug. Add some marshmallows and crunchy peanut and I have a winter winner beverage.     Peanut butter is 100% an American thing. I mean, in South America we’re used to seeing peanut butter in the international […]

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Cointreau Orange Hot Chocolate

Cointreau orange hot chocolate

This super cozy Cointreau orange hot chocolate promise to warm up the chilling nights that are coming!   I absolutely love autumn. And winter, even more, but living in Lisbon gives me the weakest winters ever. I guess I cannot complain because I came from Venezuela — a completely tropical country without seasons. Right now […]

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