Papas rellenas (Colombian Meat Stuffed Potatoes)

Authentic Colombian meat stuffed potatoes “papas rellenas” are a delicious and fulfilling breakfast. Crispy outside with soft mashed potatoes and well-seasoned meat inside. This is a classic South American recipe. Papas rellenas are really popular in the Colombian cuisine, but they are also found in Chile, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Perú, and some parts of Venezuela.  … Read more

Venezuelan Potato Chicken Salad (Ensalada de Gallina)

ensalada de gallina

Ensalada de gallina is a potato chicken salad that is usually made in Venezuela for the holidays. It’s a creamy protein salad that can be served as a side dish of by itself with a loaf of bread. How to make Venezuelan Potato Chicken Salad? This salad resembles a lot to a classical Russian salad: … Read more

Roasted Mini Peppers

These roasted mini peppers are a quick and healthy side dish that you can use with almost any main dish. It’s easy and requires only 4 ingredients (including salt). What is the best temperature to roast peppers in the oven? I’ve tried multiple temperatures and time settings for this recipe. Thus far, for the size … Read more