Salt and Pepper Chips

This is the easiest recipe for the iconic Chinese salt and pepper chips. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your house to get all the exotic flavor from a Chinese restaurant. Another classic Chinese takeaway recipe on the blog. I’m pretty sure that in another life I was a Chinese restaurant owner. I … Read more

Caramelized Sweet Potatoes

These caramelized sweet potatoes are the ultimate fall side dish. It has all the season warming flavors in just one simple and easy dish. This recipe is perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner with a sweet touch. The caramelization will give to the sweet potatoes a candy-like finish that makes it irresistible. The spices are the … Read more

Tuna Braid

A summer classic: A tuna braid or tuna plait that takes the sentence “lazy food” to another level. Less than 30 minutes and you can make the filling ahead of time and make it even quicker. Summertime is my lazy time. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen when I can spend hours … Read more